Lord, I just don't care

Cause sooner or later in life the things you love you lose.


Finding an RP partner who runs with your batshit crazy ideas is like finding the holy grail.

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Women wear heels now so we don’t have to step in the blood of our enemies

Reblogging for that comment





The bomb is dropped

The kittens sort of soften the blow.

this is the shittiest post ever. please unfollow me if you agree with this post also shame on OP for using cute kittens for this garbage post

not sure what it is exactly that makes this post so shitty? Because it’s promoting actual equality? instead of saying that you can call everyone else shit because you are part of an oppressed party you can say you are equal to them doesn’t exactly sound like a shitty idea to me.


i can’t breathe

I’m thinking about making a rp-account :) od Nagato, of course. 

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{New Konan roleplay! Now i’m leaving because my internet is sucks, so later i follow and etc.}

Let’s rp!

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Anyone interested in roleplaying?


I don’t have much going on with Konan, sooooo. Yeah. If anyone is interested I can throw some ideas at you or something?

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New Konan RP blog. Reblog if you are in the Naruto RP fandom.


I’m in need of blogs to follow, so please reblog this if you are apart of the Naruto RP fandom. Thank you!

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Desperate for rp

I need rp. Seriously. I need Konan. I don’t know how to play on tumblr, but if anyone was interested. I’m all in. Please? I’m open to anything.
My ex rp partner doesn’t seem to care so.. here I am.

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I feel so sorry for people who rush their relationship. Are they really desperate and needy?
It hate it because relationships like this they tend to downgrade every other relationship. Like mine. It just feels like a parody to the whole love thing. They love each other after three days. Then they are like so happy and showing it on facebook or tumblr.
I just don’t like this. It’s super boring.

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I could use some rp

I really need rp.

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